India is a country with deep-rooted history, diverse culture and architecture that inspires generations. And one of the biggest attractions to India is the Forts and the Palaces. If you love history, you want to go back in time or you like exploring different centuries, then you must experience the Forts and Palaces of India. Let’s check out some of these majestic places where you can visit:

Chittorgarh Fort

When talking about Forts in India, Chittorgarh Fort tops the list. Situated in Rajasthan, Chittorgarh is the biggest Fort in India covering 2.8 km and 400 hectares of land. The magnificence of the Fort is recognized in the entire county and hence it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mysore Palace

Known for its architecture, the Mysore Palace is one of the most visited places in India. The grace of the Palace is spectacular and it looks divine during the Navratri (the nine auspicious days). People visit Mysore to watch the Mysore Dasara and the lighting of the Mysore Palace on the day of Vijayadashami.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

If you want to experience the Forts and Palaces, one of the must-visits is the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Rajasthan. Situated in Jodhpur, this Palace hosts the maximum number of celebrity functions, the most popular being the wedding of actress Priyanka Chopra. The Palace was once home to the royal family but some part is now converted to a hotel.

Red Fort

Any discussion about the Forts of India is incomplete without the mention of the Fort in the capital, the Red Fort. The Fort was built as the Palace Fort of Shahjahanabad (now Delhi) by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is known as Red Fort because of the red sandstone fabric of its rampart walls.

Old Fort

Another Fort in Delhi that gets the maximum attention of the tourists is the Old Fort. It was built by Mughal emperor Humayun and Afghan ruler Sher Shah. Some say that Pandavas also stayed in this Fort during their rule of Indraprastha. A light and sound show is hosted in the old Fort every evening.

City Palace, Udaipur

When one wants to experience the Forts and Palaces, it gets resonated to experiencing the luxury and that is what the City Palace of Udaipur is. Built over Pichola Lake, the Palace gives the perfect view of the lake. The decoration of the place is spectacular, mirrored tiles, paintings, glasswork and ornamental tiles make it very graceful.

Mehrangarh Fort

Popular known as the gateway to the dessert, Meherangarh Fort is one of the most magnificent Forts in India. It was built by Rao Jodha in 1469. The Fort is situated 410 feet above the city has an extensive courtyard.

Amber Fort

A lot of Forts in India are worth visiting but Amber Fort is a Fort that you will remember forever. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fort is embellished with stunning work of art and carvings. Situated at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur, it is the major attraction for people visiting Jaipur.
When you experience the Forts and Palaces in India, you would feel transported to a different era completely. All the Forts in India have a deep-rooted history and would definitely make you want to revisit them.