Travel after COVID may seem a little different but it is the reality and we have to live with it. The restrictions are opening slowly and the tourist destinations are getting ready to welcome the guests. New travel guidelines and new regulations are in place to make travel after COVID hassle-free. Let’s find out how the World is changing and what all things you need to keep in mind before travelling.

Be Prepared

Backpacking, leaving our homes in an hour or sudden weekend trips, all of these used to be our favourite kind of travel plans but this needs to change a little now. Since many places may ask you to show your booking before entering the state, it is better to remain prepared and book in advance.

Check the travel guidelines

Before leaving your place, make sure you check the travel guidelines for crossing state borders. Some of the states in India require visitors to have e-passes. You can get the e-passes by registering on the official website of the state. Do not forget to check the rules for vehicles if it requires any special permit or is there any restriction on the number of passengers that can travel.

Personal safety comes first

Gone are the days of packing in a blink of an eye. If you are ready to travel after COVID, be ready to pack like a pro now. Do carry your own sanitizers in your handbags, your surface disinfectants to keep the surface clean and wear your masks all the time. Remember, preauction is better than cure.

Go Digital

After the pandemic, the whole world is becoming digitally equipped so is the travel industry. Maintain social distancing with people and try to make all the arrangements digitally. Keep your booking details saved in your mobile phones and show it whenever necessary. Try making payments online and avoid cash dealing. Also, all the travel guidelines are available online so make sure to get them on your mobile devices for quick references.

Avoid popular destinations

After the restrictions were removed on travelling, a lot of places saw a sudden surge in travellers. Some of the places that witnessed this are Goa, Shimla and Dharamshala. Though travelling is opening gradually still try your best to avoid choosing a popular destination to travel after COVID. You can easily choose a less travelled place for now where you can spend some time in leisure and enjoy without having the stress of social distancing.

Help the locals

If you are someone who is aware of the situation of small business owners you would definitely know how difficult it has been for them. While you enjoy your time of travel after COVID, you can help the local people too. Try to help the local business people by buying souvenirs or by staying in homestays. This would ensure your safety from the virus and their sustenance too.

Do look out for yourself

The most important part for making any plan to travel after COVID is keeping a check on yourself. If you are experiencing any kind of symptoms, like cough, fever or cold, then immediately delay your travel plan. When you travel outstation, make sure you and your fellow travellers are all healthy. If possible, get yourself tested before leaving in order to make sure you and the people interacting with you are all safe.

If you take all the precautions and make your plans ahead of time, then travel after COVID is no hassle for you. We wish you all the luck with your journeys.